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Rogue Company Code of Conduct

6 May 2021

At First Watch Games, our priority is to provide you with the most positive and exciting experience possible. In our game, the Rogue Company represents some of the best, brightest, and boldest fighters the world has ever seen. We ask you help us personify this and become partners in creating an environment where everyone can participate.

Play as an individual, win as a team

Whether with friends or complete strangers, the moment you enter a Match you are part of a team with the same objective: to win. We encourage you to work together even if you have varying styles or strategies.

  • Don’t quit matches or on your team even if things look dire. There is always experience to be gained both mentally and in game so see the match through.
  • Use the in game ping system to and coordinate your attack and defense plans.
  • Be flexible around your strategic preferences and encourage cooperation where you can even if you feel you have a better idea. A good plan now is better than a perfect plan too late.
  • Offer suggestions versus telling another player what they should do or how they should play.
  • If you are comfortable leading, do so but remember to listen to and understand the rest of your team.

Below are examples of behavior that do not promote teamwork and may result in action taken against you:

  • Griefing teammates through an intentional action or inaction that assists the enemy team
  • Repeated AFK during match

The field should be level

Every game should be about bringing your very best, and regardless of skilll everyone should have the same opportunity to shine. First Watch Games is all about providing fair play in every match.

We will not tolerate any form of hacking or cheating in Rogue Company and will aggressively prevent it through various technical means.

Below are examples of what could result in action taken against you:

  • Using third party software to modify the client in a way that provides an advantage.
  • Modifying game files
  • Use of a mod that is unapproved by First Watch Games
  • Use of Bot or Automation to simulate gameplay
  • Intentionally losing matches or preventing other players success
  • Use of an exploit or bug to gain advantage

Consideration is key

Every member of the Rogue Company community is an individual with various backgrounds and experiences trying to enjoy the game just like you are. Exercise tolerance and embrace differences to ensure everyone has the most optimal experience.

First Watch Games does not tolerate anything which disparages an individual based on race, religion, gender identification, country, physical/mental state, or age.

Additional examples of what could result in action taken against you:

  • Targeted harassment or bullying of a player
  • Spamming or advertising
  • Excessive profanity

Practice operational security

Don’t fail your mission before it begins! Protect yourself and other members of the community by securing your personal information, account, and devices.

  • Your account should only be utilized by you. Please don’t share it with others.
  • Don’t give anyone your password (We won’t ask for it either!)
  • Don’t share any personal information about yourself or people you know to anyone you aren’t familiar with.
  • Don’t impersonate other players or employees)

What action can be taken against players violating the code of conduct?

We track and manage various in-game offenses in our games to try to maintain a fun, friendly in-game community. Online conduct should be guided by common sense, good sportsmanship, and basic etiquette. We can apply suspensions or other disciplinary measures for conduct that is harmful to the gaming experience, including any of the above offenses.

Below is an example of how duration of suspension may increase with number of offenses:

  • 1st offense = 7 Day Suspension
  • 2nd offense = 14 Day Suspension
  • 3rd offense = Permanent Game Ban

The above list is provided as an example. We reserve the right to apply suspensions or other disciplinary measures as deemed appropriate based on nature, severity, and frequency of the offense. All suspensions and bans are at the discretion of First Watch Games.

Suspensions or bans may also be applied for specific violations of the EULA or Terms of Service. Visit for specifics.

If you have any questions regarding a ban, please contact the support team. All bans are human-reviewed before put in place and reliability is determined through various logs and back-end detection systems.