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Rogue Company Creator Program

If you’re a creator regularly producing content about Rogue Company, the team at First Watch Games is here to help support your mission! Our goal with the Creator Program is to provide assistance for passionate fans by offering resources to aid in content creation and growing your own communities.

If you’re consistently creating videos, live streaming epic matches, or building communities around Rogue Company - we’re interested in working with you!

Please review all of the information below and see if the Creator Program is a good fit for you:

Creator Program Requirements

You must meet one or more of the requirements below to be considered for the Rogue Company Creator Program:

  • If you are a Content Creator, you must have 40+ average concurrent viewers in the past 30 days, or 2,000+ views per video in the past 30 days.

  • If you manage a Community Group (on Facebook or Discord), you must have 2,000+ active members and support a unique or specialized audience based around Rogue Company.

Additionally, you must comply with the following:

*Once accepted into the Creator Program, you must ensure your audience knows that you receive certain benefits from Hi-Rez Studios as a Rogue Company Creator. This can be done in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: using content titles, descriptions, and hashtags to notify your viewers that you are a Rogue Company Creator; crediting Hi-Rez Studios for providing codes for your audience; and from time-to-time reminding your audience during your streams or videos that you are a Rogue Company Creator. These are just examples, and it is your responsibility to make adequate disclosure of this, including any disclosures required by law, e.g. the FTC in the United States.

Creator Program Support

All of our Rogue Company Creator Program members will receive various levels of support based on their community. Please be aware that not all program features are guaranteed for every member of the program, and program support is subject to change.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Codes to be used during content creation, for your audience, or other community events.

  • A chance to be featured across our official social media channels, websites, and more.

What we are looking for:

  • You create quality content on a regular basis featuring Rogue Company.

  • You carry a professional attitude both in-game and out, with a Rogue Company account in good standing.

  • You are an active and passionate member of the Rogue Company community, providing constructive feedback surrounding the game and supporting your fellow players.

*Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and meeting the above requirements is not a guarantee for admission into the Creator Program. Creator Program benefits, requirements, rules, and policies are subject to Hi-Rez Studios’ & First Watch Games’ sole discretion and may be updated, modified, or canceled at any time. Continued participation in the Creator Program after such update or modification is implemented shall constitute acceptance of such terms. Hi-Rez Studios & First Watch Games reserve the right to remove any specific individual or community group from the Rogue Company Creator Program at any time.


What are the most important factors considered in applications?


Members will be chosen based on a number of factors. First and foremost, being active in the community with a professional and positive attitude. Maintaining viewership and producing high-quality content will also be important when deciding Rogue Company Creator status. Other qualifications can be found above. Additionally, First Watch Games will select Creators based purely at its own discretion, and an application is not a guaranteed acceptance into the program.


Are there any rules regarding what type of Rogue Company content I can produce?


Yes, we have certain rules you must take into consideration when making content. Fan video creation (including streaming and VODs) of our games, including Rogue Company, is subject to the Hi-Rez Studios Policy for Streaming Videos and VODs. For other types of fan content, please check out our Legal FAQs.


If I am not accepted into the Creator Program, can I apply again?


You may! If you were not accepted during your first submission, please apply again in the future once you have exceeded the minimum requirements listed above. Candidates previously rejected must wait 60 days before re-applying.


How long will it take me to hear back about my application?


Reviewing applicants will take some time, so we ask that you wait for a few weeks to hear back regarding your application.


How will I receive codes for my audience?


We will contact you directly via email when we have content codes to send you.


Do the content codes I receive from the Creator Program expire?


When we send content codes to our Creators, they will be active for 30 days after the update for such codes goes live.


Can I sell the content codes I receive from the Creator Program?


You may not sell content codes. Selling content codes will result in removal from the Creator Program.