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Linking FAQ

In order to enjoy the full benefits of cross-save and potential in-game rewards from events like Twitch Drops and Prime Gaming, you’ll need to link your various accounts. We provide the ability to do this on a linking site located at

Step 1: Log in to the linking site

Important: The first account you sign in with should be the account you have primarily used for playing Rogue Company. This will be your Primary Account and store your progress for other platforms.

Step 2: Add Additional Accounts

Once you have signed in with your account you may add additional platforms based on our preference. Each link will redirect you to the platform which will ask you to sign in using your login. Once this is complete all progress you achieve on your primary account, regardless of where you play, will be shared across all linked accounts.

Step 3: Verify Primary Account

Once linking between multiple platforms is complete you will notice one box states “Primary Account.” It is important the Primary Account listed is the original Rogue Company account where any purchases or progress was made, as your unlocked cosmetics, purchased content, and progress are tied to your primary account.

General FAQ

All my progress appears to be lost. Can I get it back? Or what happens if I change Primary Account?

You can unlink an account by logging back into the linking site and selecting unlink for that platform.

I linked the wrong account, what do I do?

The Primary Account should be the account you use for playing Rogue Company with as it contains your purchases and progress. If you switch your Primary Account you will essentially be “starting over” with a fresh account.

Don’t worry if you accidentally did this, no progress is lost, but you’ll need to revert it back to the original account.