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Get the Beta

Follow these steps to get Closed Beta Access

Step 1

Link your PC/Console & Twitch Accounts

Closed Beta access for Rogue Company on Epic Games, Xbox, PS4, and Switch will be provided through Twitch Drops. Make sure you link your platform accounts and your Twitch account using to qualify for drops. If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase access with one of our Founder’s Packs too!

Step 2

Watch Drop-Enabled Rogue Company Streams on Twitch

Once you have linked the platform accounts of your choice and your Twitch account, just watch drop-enabled Rogue Company streams by following the link above for a chance to receive access! Don’t forget to sign in on your linked Twitch account though, as you’ll only qualify for drops if your accounts are properly linked.

Step 3

Receive code via email & sign up for more info

After you have received a Twitch Drop providing game access, you’ll be sent a code in your email inbox. Redeem this code on the platform store you received (Epic Games, Xbox, PS4, or Switch) and download Rogue Company to start playing!